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2191 Mars Hill Rd
Watkinsville, GA, 30677
United States


Faith Presbyterian Church PCA. A community church located just outside of Athens, Georgia in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Serving our community, loving our neighbors and making disciples. 


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This Week in Faith 3-21-19

Steven Brooks

Help! I Keep Losing My Temper

Whether your anger shows up in your parenting, your political conversations, or you just feel a low level of anger all the time, this is a helpful article. James tells us that our anger comes from wanting something and not getting it. But the ability for honest reflection about what we want and what is being threatened when we get angry is a lot harder. This article does a good job of helping us think through why anger is dangerous fro our souls and how to not just acknowledge its there, but begin to respond better. No matter how our anger presents itself, we all struggle with anger so it’s important we understand how the gospel makes a better way possible. And ask for the grace to walk in it. 

Click here to read the article by J. Alasdair Groves.

How to Let Teens Settle Their Emotional Storms

I thought this was an interesting article. Her idea seems a little silly for how to respond to the emotional break downs out teenagers have. But I also thought- her idea is better than my helplessness in those moments :) If nothing else, her description of what is going on inside the mind of a teenager, and her call to be patient with them as they navigate this turbulent time in their development, was a good reminder for me.

Click here to read the article by Lisa Damour.

Teens and E-Cigs…A Helpful Infographic

This is a subject that is becoming more prevalent in the lives of teenagers. As you can see from the info graphic, its popularity is on the rise. But the misinformation surrounding the dangers are also on the rise. Most teenagers don’t understand the physical and developmental risks inherent in e-cigarettes and vaping, but the risks are there. Kelly and I went to a foster parent training this past weekend where a doctor who specializes in working with babies born to moms who smoked, drank, and/or used drugs during pregnancy. She was really concerned about the trends in teen vaping and the way that it often leads to other addictions as well. Hopefully, this article and infographic can help you be more aware and informed so you can better engage your kids on this topic.  

Click here to read the article by Walt Mueller.

PODCAST: A Baby’s First Year

Here is an interesting podcast with a pediatrician for those of you going through parenting a newborn- or know someone who is.

Click here to listen to the podcast.