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2191 Mars Hill Rd
Watkinsville, GA, 30677
United States


Faith Presbyterian Church PCA. A community church located just outside of Athens, Georgia in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Serving our community, loving our neighbors and making disciples. 


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This Week in Faith 3-15-19

Steven Brooks

My Hope As A Parent Is Something I Share with my Birth Mother

This is a moving reflection on parenthood by an adoptee who recently became a father. it’s interesting to see how his experience of growing up without knowing his birth mother lead him to some of the some questions, fears, and inadequacies that any parent faces. His reflections are a good reminder of the important role parents play in the lives of their kids. But it also reminds us that no matter our history or family situation, there are things about our kids that we can't control as parents. This is why we hope in the gospel. The gospel that fuels our ability and desire to parent well. And the gospel that trusts the future of our kids to the one who loves them and is at work for their good, even more than we can imagine.

Click here to read the article by Michael Wear.

How Do I Help Busy and Stressed Teenagers and Young Adults? Two New Rules of Thumb

“Approximately 20 percent of teenagers confess that they worry ‘a great deal’ about current and future life events. But only 8 percent of the parents of these same teenagers are aware that their child is experiencing such stress.”

Busyness and stress are a regular part of the life of a teenager, but as parents we often miss it, or at least miss opportunities to help our kids navigate this part of their life well. Kara Powell offers some great questions to ask as we help our kids think about their schedules and what is causing the most stress in their lives. She also has some good, practical advice we can pass along [and even use to create some margin in our own lives!]. The older our kids get, the less we should be saying “yes” and “no” for them and the more we should be helping them develop the tools to manage their schedules in a healthy way for themselves.

Click here to read the article by Kara Powell.

Are We Raising Good or Godly Kids?

This is one of those reminders that we need often, no matter what age our kids are. As much as we want our kids to be good and compliant, we want them to know Jesus more. This means that the way we discipline, the conversations we have in the wake of our kids’ failures, the forgiveness we offer [and ask for] are all ways we point our kids to the gospel. It can be exhausting at times. And we will mess it up a lot. But we can’t save our kids, only Jesus can. We can’t change our kids hearts, only Jesus can. We can’t produce good or Godly kids, only Jesus can. He is the only hope for our kids and he is our only hope as parents for the wisdom and endurance we need to parent our kids well.

Click here to read the article by Mary Wiley.

VIDEO: How Radically Ordinary Hospitality Changed My Life

If you have never heard Rosaria Butterfield’s story, it is such an encouragement. It is an intersection of sexuality, hospitality, and the power of the gospel. And even if you know her story, it is a great reminder of how God can use the hospitality our families practice to build relationships and share the gospel. A family willing to welcome the lost and hurting into their homes [the way Jesus has welcomed us] is a powerful thing for the kingdom of God. And it is a compelling life that fills the hearts and lives of our kids with life-giving, gospel-centered purpose.

Click here to watch the video with Rosaria Butterfield.