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2191 Mars Hill Rd
Watkinsville, GA, 30677
United States


Faith Presbyterian Church PCA. A community church located just outside of Athens, Georgia in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Serving our community, loving our neighbors and making disciples. 


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This Week in Faith 5-24-19

Steven Brooks

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here but I should be back to a weekly post beginning today. It’s been great to celebrate with our graduating seniors as they finish up this season of their lives and reach a huge milestone. It’s a big accomplishment. We’re really proud of them!


The Link Between Fun and Faith In Our Homes

“One of the more surprising and encouraging findings from this study is that any sort of interaction—including just having fun—is correlated to faith formation. In other words, forming deeper bonds with our household members helps us grow our faith! The importance of fostering intimacy, sharing rituals and having fun with household members, as well as friends and other non-family guests who become a part of one’s extended household, cannot be overstated.”

This is a great summary of the research talked about in this article. The whole article is interesting but the bottom line is important for us to remember- the relationship building that comes from shared experiences and spending time having fun together translates to more regular opportunities for spiritual conversation and formation. There are so many things that battle for our time. We often have to make tough decisions between good options for our schedule. Don’t just assume that having fun together is the first thing that should go. As we enjoy being a family together, we help each other enjoy God more as well.

Click here to read the article from the Barna Research Group.


The rest of the content this week centers around using our everyday day encounters with TV, movies, books and music to springboard our family conversations towards Jesus. Our culture is consistently telling stories. Can your kids see how those stories connect back to the biggest story of Jesus? A family movie night, watching a season on Netflix together, or even discussing the biggest news stories of the week, can give your family a common starting point to talk about our world and how we can understand it through the lens of the gospel. I hope these articles will help you see the value of these moments and equip you to take advantage of them.

What You Watch on Saturday Night Is Unavoidably Linked to What You Hear on Sunday Morning

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Chip Away At Your Children’s Spiritual Growth

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Pop Culture and Parenting: 3 Tips For Shaping Your Child’s Worldview

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PODCAST: Faith and Culture

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