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Faith Presbyterian Church PCA. A community church located just outside of Athens, Georgia in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Serving our community, loving our neighbors and making disciples. 



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This Week in Faith 2-28-19

Steven Brooks

Why Parenting Is About More Than the Pursuit of Happiness

This title is both challenging and encouraging and challenging. It is encouraging because there are many moments in the course of the week when parenting feels hard and I go to bed discouraged by my own failures and the failures of my kids. So if this title is true- those feelings don’t necessarily mean I’m doing anything wrong. They are just the norm for parents. But it’s also challenging because it reminds me that at the heart of following Jesus, he told us we will need to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow him. I rarely experience this more acutely than in parenting when my kids’ needs supersede mine, when homework infringes on my time, and when my anger flares up because my kids’ needs are inconvenient. We all want our kids to grow up selfless and submitted to God. And the number one place they will learn that is from us- both in listening to what we say and watching how we live. This is great article to remind us of God’s purpose for parenting..and it’s not to make us happier.

Click here to read the article by Daryl Crouch.

Are Sundays Good for Babies?

This is a great reminder that the challenges associated with getting our family to church on Sunday mornings is worth the cost. Sunday morning worship is a gift from God for us to enjoy and a means by which he roots us in the gospel. Our ability to prioritize church on Sunday morning will display the value of it to our kids. There’s no denying that it can be hard. I am so thankful for Kelly who gets our 4 kids up and to church every Sunday without me. But there is a grace and mercy that we find in being present with God and his people in worship that we can’t find anywhere else. And as a church family, we should welcome the interruptions that babies and kids introduce into our worship service because it reminds us that God is at work. Those moments become opportunities fro us to fulfill the vow we make at each child’s baptism to assist the parents in the Christian nurture of they children. Offer to sit with a single parent during the service to help with their kids. Volunteer in the nursery. Help your kids sing and participate in the service. And do it all knowing that God is using it for their good, and ours.

Click here to read the article by Megan Hill.

9 Ways to Teach Missions to Kids in Your Church

As a follow-up to our mission’s conference over the last few weeks, I thought this would be a good article for your family to consider. It is written as a list of things churches can do but every one of these things can be practiced by your family at home. Like most lists of this kind, don’t try and do it all! But consider if there are one or two of these things you could introduce into the regular rhythms of your family life. Some of my kids’ favorite books that we have read together have been missionary biographies. And we have tried to remember to pray for the missionaries and church planters that we support as a family. These types of things are a great way to open up your kids’ eyes to how big God is and the ways he is at work in the world.

Click here to read the article by Mike Pettengill.

VIDEO: Melissa Kruger on Discipling Teenagers

Every parent is pointing their kids to something, either intentionally or unintentionally. This 3 minute video has a lot of great insight and practical help for parents trying to purposefully point their kids to Jesus.

Click here to watch the video.

This Week in Faith 2-8-19

Elise North

What Narrative Are We Telling Our Children

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important for us to consider the foundation we are laying for our kids when it comes to their views of love and marriage. The Bible doesn’t promise that everyone will get married. In fact, it elevates the value of the single life. So, while we often have good intentions in describing all of the wonderful things about marriage, we can inadvertently communicate that the single life is a second class life. Personally, I am grateful for the single adults we have as leaders in our student ministry because it gives our students a first hand look at the ways God is glorified in their singleness, and even because of their singleness. He gives two very important reasons we should be careful of the message we are passing on to our kids about singleness and marriage. This was really helpful for me to think about.

Click here to read the article by Chap Bettis.

In Praise of Useless Reading

One of my kids asked me the other day, “Is it ok that I would rather sit and read than play video games right now?” I am grateful that my kids are developing a love for reading. I went through most of my life before I really started to enjoy reading. Christians are people of a book so a love of words is vital. Jesus is the Word. But our next question becomes, what should I read. As long as it took me to enjoy reading, it has taken me even longer to appreciate fiction. And yet, there is a valuable lesson for us in the fact that Jesus so often taught in stories. There is a beauty in stories that captures our imagination and points us to the author of THE story. I have really started to enjoy fiction. And fiction has spurred so many good conversations for my kids. I am currently reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time. What are some of your favorite books of fiction or poetry?

Click here to read the article by Jessica Hooten Wilson.

Let Children Get Bored Again

“I’m bored!” How many times have you heard that as a parent? I waiver between frustration, ambivalence and guilt when I hear this from my kids. But there is something so valuable about boredom. I love some of the points she makes in this article about why we need to give our kids more chances to be bored…and not feel the pressure to rescue them from it.

Click here to read the article by Pamela Paul.

Trusting God During the Temper Tantrums

Whether you are dealing with the tantrums of a 2 year old or the grumpy attitude of a 14 year old [not that I have experienced both in my house this week or anything!], finding the motivation and endurance to keep parenting well can be hard. This is why we need to run to the gospel- for our sakes and for theirs. The only place we can find deep resources of patience and grace for our kids is the patience and grace of our heavenly Father towards us. I hope this article can be an encouragement to those of you that are exhausted from the week that the hard work of parenting is worth it in the end because it glorifies God and points our kids to Jesus.

Click here to read the article by Jason Thacker.

As always, you can reach me at if you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for future posts. Have a great weekend!

-Steven Brooks


Elise North

Welcome to the new blog of Faith!

Steven Brooks, Associate Pastor to Students and Children, has been publishing a weekly email to parents called “This Week in Faith” since December 2017. The content has been diverse, rich, and valuable. As Steven described it when the idea first originated in 2017: “My hope is that it will provide encouraging words and helpful resources for this really difficult and wonderful calling of parenting. It will include articles, recommendations, resources and a few pressing announcements to help understand faith and culture and to communicate those things with our kids. I hope it helps.”

Starting in 2019, we will be moving publication of this material to this blog so that it can be curated in a central location and may be shared with a larger audience. We hope you will enjoy - read, visit often, subscribe, and share with friends.