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2191 Mars Hill Rd
Watkinsville, GA, 30677
United States


Faith Presbyterian Church PCA. A community church located just outside of Athens, Georgia in Watkinsville, Oconee County. Serving our community, loving our neighbors and making disciples. 




We believe the Bible teaches that baptism is a covenant sign for believers and their children. We do not think that baptism saves someone but it signifies them as a part of the community of the church, receiving all of the benefits of that community. As an infant, parents bring their child to be baptized in obedience to God, trusting that the child will one day respond to God's promises in faith. Watch this video from Perimeter Church in Atlanta for a brief but more in depth explanation. As an older child or adult, baptism is for believers who have not previously been baptized but with the same meaning, you being brought into the community of the church. Adult baptism is the final step of church membership. We love to celebrate baptisms.  

Infant Baptism [Age 3 and under] 

  • At least one parent must be a professing Christian.
  • Email the main office at to schedule a baptism. 

Child Baptism [5th Grade and under] 

  • Complete Option 1 or 2 for Child Membership
  • Baptism will be the final step of membership [if they have not already been baptized] 

Student Baptism [6th-12th Grade] 

  • Complete Option 1 or 2 for Student Membership
  • Baptism will be the final step of membership [if they have not already been baptized] 

Adult Baptism

  • Attend the Inquirer's Class which meets every fall and spring. At the completion of that class, if you profess faith in Jesus and have a desire to become a member, then you will be ready to meet with an elder and tell your story of faith.